Day 1: How To SEO Search Engine Academy Advanced Workshop, Dubai
Tuesday 22 July, 8:30 AM 2014 to 11:45 PM 2014
4 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, Dubai, Online (View Map)

Come join Ramapati Singhania for the How To SEO Search Engine Academy UAE Advanced Workshop at the Holiday Inn, Al Barsha, Dubai and take your SEO skills to a whole new level in exact accuracy.


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Who Should Attend:

  • Business owners who want to gain skills to make the internet part of their marketing arsenal
  • Web professionals who want to become even more effective in SEO
  • Students looking to enter the SEO professional arena

How To SEO Search Engine Academy UAE Advanced Workshop | What You Will Gain:
Day 1 - The Future of Search Engine Marketing
Learn Advanced Keyword Research and how to create an effective sales copy.
By the end of Day 1, you will have a grasp of many more techniques that you can apply in highly competitive markets, as you learn Advanced Keyword Forensics and how to tap into behavioral trends based on the last 90 days of search activity. You will understand how to tap into search engine trends that 90% of other Webmasters miss.
The day's lessons will include:
  • Introduction to Social Media: The differences between Social Media Strategies and Search Engine Optimization
  • An analysis of the search behavioral trends of your buying audience, gaining incite into the research of keywords
  • Lateral Thinking Skills-using alternative techniques to build traffic (and sales!) on your site
  • Working with high-performance "windows of opportunity" and "root words" to improve visibility
  • A study of Keyword Forensics, to discover hidden evidence behind search behaviors
  • How to create captivating sales copy for your website, making you stand out from others and compelling consumers to respond
  • How to prepare for the effects brought on by Personalization of Search
  • and more!
  • In addition, have your site reviewed and at the end of the day, everyone will receive a written SEO Priority Action Plan.
Day 2 - Advanced SEO Strategies
Continuing with Search Engine Processes and detailing advanced SEO strategies.
By the end of Day 2, you will have added to your arsenal of Advanced Skills, including how to use Google Analytics, how to deal with technical issues, and multivariate reporting of the most complex nature.
The day's lessons will include:
  • Discussion on submission procedures, including XML feeds
  • Understanding influences such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
  • Building relevancy and exposure on Yahoo!, Google, etc. in just 48 hours
  • Google and the Importance of Page Rank
  • Link Reputation: What it is and How to build it
  • New mechanics of Writing Creatively
  • Content Development: How to utilize user-generated content for attracting new traffic
  • How to increase your Visitor Response Ratio-turning web page visitors into customers
  • and more!
  • Group brainstorming to develop new ideas for visibility and exposure. The day will end with another evaluation and the answering of all questions.
Day 3 - Strategies "Beyond SEO"
Finish this course with learning how to take your business beyond the search engines into other areas of the Web.
By the end of Day 3, the entire workshop comes together and you will understand both the theoretical and practical ways of optimizing a web page with the least possible amount of steps. You will then be prepared to compete in a highly competitive market, while eliminating all the guess work.
The day's lessons include:
Advanced Competitive Intelligence: Grasping the Theory and Insights You Need to Know
  • Discover how to distinguish your specific industry search landscape
  • Accurately gauge what needs to be added to your web site in minimal time
  • How to increase Visibility, Credibility, Name Recognition, Branding, and Link Popularity
  • The truth about "duplicate content", and the power behind article writing
  • The Ins and Outs of Blogging: "What is it, and how it can help my business?"
  • Monitoring the Spider activity
  • Log Analysis: What's most important? What should be focused on?
  • and more!
  • Advanced Competitive Intelligence will blow away many of the myths and misunderstandings of older, out-dated approaches. This session will teach the student new ways to make solid judgment calls and understand how to perform accurate opportunity analysis as well as threat analysis to protect yourself, once you are at the top.
The student will finish this course understanding exactly how and why the search engines are "grading on a curve" and how you can benefit (without having a team of mathematicians working for you.)
Even once you complete this intensive, 3-day How To SEO Advanced Workshop, and you have earned your official SEO Certification, you'll be equipped with all of the exceptional skills and knowledge you need to immediately begin increasing business.
But don't forget, even after it's over there is still more for you yet for ongoing support including our exclusive 6-month mentoring program!
All participants will have the opportunity to have their website reviewed by their peers, through group participation exercises and evaluations.


Early bird registration saves you $100 on the 2-Day Basic Essentials Workshop

Early bird registration saves you $150 on the 3-Day Advanced SEO Workshop

Early bird registration saves you $ 250 on the Complete 5-Day SEO Mastery Workshop


Search Engine Workshops Purchase/refund policy: Refund Policy: Please note that we have a no cancellation and no refund policy for this workshop. Please understand that the tuition is NON REFUNDABLE in the event that you cannot or do not attend. In the event of an emergency or for some reason you cannot attend, you may transfer your registration to another person to participate in your place by providing written authorization. - Thank you -

Important Disclaimer: Search Engine Academy UAE Workshops are committed to imparting the full range of how to SEO skills to businesses, individual business owners, search engine marketing professionals as well as Webmasters and affiliate marketers. However, Search Engine Workshops will not teach SEO skills to any business that is associated with Pornographic or Adult related Web sites, Gambling or Casino related Web sites, hate literature Web sites or any Web site dealing with any subject matter that is illegal to US or Canadian law.

Holiday Inn Dubai - Al Barsha
4 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, Dubai, Online (View Map)
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