Grow your business keep the Equity!
Wednesday 11 June, 6:00 PM 2014 to 9:00 PM 2014
Grant Tree, 16 Hewett St, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3NN, UK (View Map)

The lean guide to Business fundingAccess to equity free grants and government subsidies.

Following on from an initial event in March 2014 our next event will take place at Grant Tree in the heart of Shoreditch. This event is aimed at businesses that are up and running with 5 or more members of staff.

If your business is established, come and join us to learn how to maximise your growth potential and benefit from the equity free funding available to your organisation.

We will showcase a number of Government schemes and European funding programmes targeted at SMEs with some track record and an appetite to grow and develop quickly.

The speakers lined up for 11th June are as follows:

  • Andrew Humphries - To provide an overview of the services and support offered by UKTI
  • Darren Harper - To introduce Growth Accelerator and the Leadership and Management Training Grant.
  • Gary Bridgeman - To explain Horizon2020, the largest ever European Union Research and Innovation programme with €80 billion of funding available

In addition to the presentations there will be lots of opportunity for Q&A with our presenters and networking with refreshments provided.  

I'm a Business Growth Expert and Growth Manager working at GrowthAccelerator
I'm a Director working at Hodos Consulting, SPRL
Grant Tree
Grant Tree, 16 Hewett St, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3NN, UK (View Map)
Grant Tree - event pic 1
GrantTree - UKTI - Government support for export
GrantTree - Hodos Consulting - EU Funding & Horizon2020
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2 months ago

Nick Berry

Hi everyone, If any you have any specific questions or topics regarding funding schemes and programmes that you'd like to discuss on Weds 11th please let me know. Between the presenters, myself and Paulina from Grant Tree we will almost certainly be able to help.

Cheers for now, Nick

2 months ago

Nick Berry

Hi all, As well as the presentaions we have lined up our hosts Grant Tree will be on hand to lend their expertise on grant funding and R & D Tax Credits. Here is a quick bio for Paulina: Paulina is a serial entrepreneur and a networking junkie. She founded GrantTree three years ago to help tech start-ups to get equity free funding from the government, and it has been going from strength to strength since. GrantTree's team of 14 have raised over £9m for 200+ companies in the last three years. In her spare time, she likes to indulge in cabaret and performance art.

2 months ago

Nick Berry

Hi there, Hope you all had a great weekend. Just a reminder that we will have Johnathan Southam of Amazon Web Services joing us on Weds evening in addition to the presentations regarding government funding schemes to help grow your business. Jonathan will be able to answer any technical / service questions you may have regarding AWS.

2 months ago

Nick Berry

Hi all,

Here's a bio for Gary Bridgeman who will be explaining the opportunity that Horizon 2020 offers tomorrow evening:

Gary has extensive knowledge of the European Commission and expertise with funding programmes ranging from Framework Programme Six to Life Long Learning. Gary also has knowledge of UK funding programmes and has successfully applied for funding under UK funding instruments for a number of companies
Gary founded a company in the UK using only UK grant funding. Over a period of 18 months he won over £450,000 in funding to support the company start up and growth. He is a recognised strategic thinker able to look at the bigger picture to guide companies through market developments and align them to UK and EU policy.

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