Day 2: TechMeetups London Hackathon #TMUhack
Sunday 26 October, 12:00 AM 2014 to 7:00 PM 2014
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TechMeetups Hackathon is a hackathon which brings together the most creative developers, designers, marketers and ideas people to collaborate on building a working mobile app prototype.  

Whatever your background, you can use the weekend to:

  •  To become an observer simply register here:

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What happens over the weekend?

Registered idea generators (from any background) are given 1 minute to pitch an app concept on saturday to an audience filled with fellow idea generators, developers, designers and marketing people.

There’s a flurry of activity as the idea generators look to form teams around their app idea.  At the end of all the networking and bargaining, we announce the ideas that will be made into working prototypes and the competition begins!

Teams start working on Saturday morning. Teams work throughout the weekend, with a big chunk taking place on Saturday, to build working mobile app prototypes which they present to our panel of judges on Sunday evening.  A big basket of fantastic prizes are then given out for the best and most creative apps which will help the most successful teams take their apps to market.



For all sponsorship details, contact sales[at]techmeetups.com

, London, , Online (View Map)
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