London Connect Information Governance Community: Winter 2014/2015
Wednesday 21 January, 12:30 PM 2015 to 4:30 PM 2015
, London, , Online (View Map)

We are proud to announce our Winter 2015 London Connect Information Governance Community Event. The event is free to attend.

This will be a working session for you all to see what progress we are making within our Information Governance communities and how we can continue to successfully work together for the forthcoming year ahead.

We will be further building on work that has been carried out and initiated in our previous meetings and setting out goals and achievements for the year ahead.

Our core workgroups are:

  • Workgroup 1. Creating standard information-sharing agreements
  • Workgroup 2. Securing consent across integrated pathways
  • Workgroup 3. Good practice: systems and technology
  • Workgroup 4. Communicating effectively with patients
  • Workgroup 5. Improving IG education and training

We'd love your input and look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes,

The London Connect Team

The London Connect IG community

The aim of the London Connect Information Governance (IG) Community is to promote the safe and appropriate sharing of information to improve patient experiences and outcomes. FAQs can be found on London Connect’s website here.

Venue TBC, London
, London, , Online (View Map)
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