Communication in a Big Data World
Wednesday 10 September, 9:00 AM 2014 to 6:00 PM 2014
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Communication in a Big Data world -  Personal impact skills for technical people:
Studies show that high performing companies know this and place emphasis on developing the soft skills of their technical staff. Yet, these are often neglected in traditional training.

With the rise of Big Data, communication and collaboration are more important than ever
Organisations need more collaboration between finance, computer science, project managers and business analysts to take advantage of the opportunities.
Our courses and coaching are about filling the gap between technical training and business needs. This is not generic skills training, but it was specifically developed for technical experts who want to communicate complex data, sophisticated concepts and models in ways to provide a clear message and direction to their audience.
What we cover in the course:
  • What signature communication styles are and how to develop your own signature style to gain greater influence
  • How to use storytelling to make complex issues accessible and memorable
  • How to craft a technical presentation to convey an engaging and compelling message
  • Apply the principles of data visualisation to support their message.
  • Choosing the right tools to turn your data into information
  • How to use dashboards and other tools as hand-outs (and never, ever use your slides)
  • How to turn a presentations into a two-way conversation with your audience to build lasting, influential relationships
Benefits attending the course:
  • Identify tools to help others see the wood from the trees
  • Improve your ability to prove real performance improvement
  • Enhance your credibility with key decision makers by communicating your messages with impact
  • Expand your sphere of influence outside the professional silo of your expertise

 Who should attend:

  • Managers and Senior Managers in Engineering, Science, Financial and other technical disciplines
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Technical professionals who want to improve their skills to turn data into insight.

What others say about our  workshops:

"Thank you to @MiriamRGilbert & @IanJSeath for running a great event #BigDataStories this morning. Offering real, practical solutions."
The BBGroup
“Whether you are looking for help making dry material more accessible or to crystallize your vision Miriam from Storytelling with Numbers is the consultant to speak to.” The Guardian
“Miriam organised an informative and practical workshop for the finalists of the ‘Global K-Startup Programme 2013′ – a co-operation of the UK Department of Trade & Industry and Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future. Her skills and material were commended by the organisers.”
“Miriam’s training workshop was fun and interactive! She focused on the practical aspects, making it easy to see how I can apply them in real business scenarios.” PopUp Concept Events
“A day well spent: the workshop was a perfect mix of theory and practice, ideas and application” Royal Bank of Scotland
“This was a very insightful experience. I can see how applying these principles to our different situations, the results will be very beneficial.”
HM Revenue and Customs
What we offer goes beyond generic soft-skills training. Our unique approach combining collaboration and communication skills focuses on the specific needs of professionals who work with numbers, complex data and “dry” subject matters and who regularly have to communicate their knowledge to lay people. 
We enable these professionals turn their messages into compelling stories, show them how to develop their personal management and communication styles that work for them, their teams and their clients. 
If you want to know more before you book, contact us at

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, London, , Online (View Map)
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