User Experience (UX) Fundamentals training
Monday 10 November, 9:00 AM 2014 to 5:00 PM 2014
557 Broadway – Space 216, New York, NY, 10012 (View Map)

Learn how to embed user experience best practice into your organization with UX experts! Webcredible is a user experience agency that has trained 8000+ people across 2000 organisations around the world. 

Our hands-on user experience training is fantastic - small class sizes, highly interactive and taught by experts.

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What you'll learn on the UX course

User experience fundamentals will help you understand the processes, deliverables and results that will get your customer experience off the ground. A fantastic user experience is core for successful brands and this course is the perfect introduction to make sure you don't miss out.

The UX fundamentals course topics are:

  • How user-centered is your organization?
  • The user experience process
  • Understanding the different tools used in user experience work
  • The how, what and why of experience strategy
  • Communicating user experience across the business
  • Building a business case for user experience
  • UX roles, skills and deliverables
  • How to brief and scope user experience work
  • Multi-channel and user experience best practice

Who is the UX course for? 

This course is particularly suitable if you are:

  • Head of digital, marketing manager or director, product manager, digital project manager
  • Wanting to work better with user experience teams and agencies
  • Looking for an initial understanding or more strategic view of user experience
  • Looking for a great foundation to go on and learn the more in-depth areas covered in our other UX courses
557 Broadway – Space 216, New York, NY, 10012 (View Map)
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