Diving Deeper (Edinburgh)
Sunday 29 March, 9:30 AM 2015 to 5:00 PM 2015
18 York Place, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH1 3EP (View Map)

Across world cultures, human beings use symbols, imagery and metaphor to put into language theexistential dilemmas of life and death, good and evil, injury and healing. Carl Jung believed that dreams opened a doorway into the language of theunconscious and the spiritual dynamic of human living. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams revealed our deepest fears and impulses. Shamanic practitioners believe that the dreamlike “Journey” process enables us to travel to other realms and levels of existence in order to find healing and resourcing for the soul.

How can we, as counsellors and psychotherapists, enable clients to use the language of their dreams, and the metaphors of their imagination, to discover their own inner truth, understand their ownnarrative of existence, and find a path towards inner healing and peace?

“Diving Below the Surface”:  we will explore the neuroscience of dreams, develop our       familiarity in working with this symbolic language, and give participants the opportunity to experience how powerful dreams can be in   connecting with our unconscious experience, or even our “inner wisdom”. We will use some TA concepts to add to our discussions.

“Diving Deeper”:  we will explore the neuroscience of metaphor, learn how to use metaphor to connect with the unknown known of our experience, and develop inner resources for our own personal growth and development.  We will also discuss how metaphor can enable us and our clients to develop our sense of a spiritual dimension within the healing journey of therapeutic work. We will use some TA concepts to develop our discussions.

Investment:  £100 per day or £190 if both days are booked together

Physis Training
18 York Place, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH1 3EP (View Map)
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