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  • Dragons Investment Event 

    This is an actual investment event which you receive an investment as a loan or % of equity; if our Dragon investors like your project. We have 4 savvy Dragon investors ready to hear your pitch and invest in your business! 

    Please buy tickets from:

    Our 4 Dragon investors:

    1-Investing from £20,000 up to £1,000,000

    Founder and CEO; has 35 years commercial experience largely in the tech space. He has founded 3 startups and was until 2011 CEO of an international banking software house. He works with several private investors and business angel networks looking for outstanding investment propositions from £20,000 - £10,000,000. 

    2-Investing up to £100,000. 

    Founder of the UK's No.1 mentoring and investment group for entrepreneurs. Founded in 2007; after spending 4 successful years working at Goldman Sachs in Private Wealth Management. He has personally invested in 8 different companies and through his company and has funded over 1400 businesses in the last 18 months.

    Always happy to offer a free incubators places to people who are looking for start up capital by way of a loan, and happy to offer free mentoring. Happy to offer the same to the people pitching and audience members.

    3-Investing from £50,000

    Is a business angel & consultant, working mainly in the tech startup sector.  His principle focus is on the commercial development of internet firms.  This encompasses business strategy, investment readiness, marketing, sales and usability.  Previous clients and investments include firms in casual games, web apps, mobile apps, financial platforms, healthcare and so on! 

    4-Investing from £50,000 

    Judges at Collider, mentor at Wayra, Seedcamp, Emerge Ventures, and have put a fund together (£60,000,000 capacity) backed with some serial entrepreneurs; exits and revenue generating companies of £100,000,000.


    10 of our 100 participating Startups have the opportunity to pitch their project for 8 minutes in total: 3 minutes pitching and a further 5 minutes for question & answer. Then, if investors convinced, they offer you the investment or an investment package. You can sign initial agreement or contract in the event or progress later. 

    After the main pitching (above 10 pitching) you can use the "30 seconds elevator pitch" to pitch your business to Dragon investors & audience investors, to receive investment; if investors convinced. Overally, there would be 20 investors. 


    What businesses need to prepare for pitching: 

    1. Proof of Concept: proof they have something your targeted customers want. The best way to prove that is existing sales. 

    2. A valuation that stacks up.

    For example: someone who says I need £50k and offering 10% values their company at £500k but if no sales are made and it is still in its infancy the company is not worth anywhere near £500k. That puts investors off straight away. 

    For normal example: "you have made £50k in sales and a profit of £20k, given the industry, basing it on a multiple of 6 x earnings so, the business is valued at £300k (6 x 50k) and you need £50k and you therefore offering a 17% stake in your business." 

    However, decision on offering equity % is by businesses totally & no one interfere in that, same as accepting any offer by investors. 

    Event program: 

    6.00-6:45pm  Arrival and registration

    6.45 – 8:45pm  Dragon investor introduction and 10 businesses pitching each for 3 minutes, then Dragon investors question them max in 5 minutes. In 3 minutes you must tell: 1- Name 2-Project concept 3-proof of success 4-% proposal to investors 

    8:45pm - 9pm Break

    9pm 30 seconds pitching to Dragon investors, investors audience & to all the other audience. 

    9- 11 mingling, networking, drinks & food. 

    The event is limited to 100 people in total.  Please book your place before it fills up.

    • 10 x Main pitching businesses - £130 entry fee.  Please note that we will  notify you by email if you have met the selection criteria pitching, before we take payment.

    • Businesses (audience) £40 entry fee & all investors £70, receiving badges.

    • As usual in all our events we have the 30 seconds elevator pitch to introduce yourself and your business- £20 

    Please buy tickets from: 


    There would be Projectors for presentation. 

    Entrepreneurs wishing to take part in the pitching process must email their business plan and pitch deck to London Entrepreneurs Network: ( 20 days before the event. You will be notified 10 days before the event whether you have been successful in your application.

    For any inquiry please email us or call 07591020664

    Join us: 

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