Day 2: META Health™ 2 Day Introductory Course with Penny Croal

CHANGEAHEAD, 48 Flanders Rd, London, Gt Lon, W4 1NG
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Introduction to META-Medicine® Training Course with Penny Croal 


Meta-Medicine® gives you the practical skills to be able to determine the precise emotional, themes and memories which underlie almost any disease process. 


Meta Medicine® is a precise method of matching disease conditions and symptoms with the actual conflict of the emotional trauma enabling you to identify the root cause of your own and your clients physical conditions.


Penny takes the complex information of Meta Medicine® and makes it accessible and understandable to fellow therapy practitioners and all who have an interest in their own health.


 - Do you or your clients ask Why Me? Why Now? Why this part of me not another? Find out the answers

 - Further your business by targeting root cause conflicts

 - Designed for anyone who has a personal or professional interest in health issues

 - Gain a simple explanation and understanding of the emotional and biological meanings of organs and health issues 

 - Understand your own, family friends and clients health issues- and how they affect us all

 - Learn in a relaxed and fun manner




Note! You can reserve for the workshop by paying a £ 50.00* deposit. The rest of the amount is paid on the day of the workshop


Contact: Penny Croal on 07976819321 OR

*£50 Deposit is non refundable but can be used toward another product or service from Penny Croal


If you attend this this introductory workshop with Penny and decide to further your knowledge on Penny's 12 day Practitioner training course, you will receive a special discount. Please contact Penny for more information

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