Installational Sites, Peter Osborne and Juliane Rebentisch

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ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART - BATTERSEA, 1 Howie Street, London, , SW11 4AS
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Dr. Peter Osborne

'Installation: The Vanishing Mediator'



Dr. Juliane Rebentisch

'Situations: Remarks on the Art Zone'





In 2003 Juliane Rebentisch published Aesthetics of Installation Art; what has happened to the term since then? Installation has reacted as a term to conditions created in the new sphere of contemporary art as described by Peter Osborne’s new publication Anywhere or Not at All. How does installation change environment and create an art space? What does it mean to use the term to describe an art practice? Dr. Juliane Rebentisch and Dr. Peter Osborne will discuss installation in regards to contemporary practice and the role of space in art.


Juliane Rebentisch is Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetics at the University of Arts and Design in Offenbach/Main and associated member of the Frankfurt Institute of Social Research. Her main research areas are aesthetics, ethics, and political philosophy. Publications include: Ästhetik der Installation (Suhrkamp 2003)/Aesthetics of Installation Art (Sternberg 2012); Kreation und Depression. Freiheit im gegenwärtigen Kapitalismus (co-ed. with Ch. Menke, Kadmos 2010); Die Kunst der Freiheit. Zur Dialektik demokratischer Existenz (Suhrkamp 2012) and Theorien der Gegenwartskunst zur Einführung (Junius 2013).


Peter Osborne is Professor of Philosophy at Kingston University where he leads the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy. His research interests are Kant, Hegel, Marx and first generation Frankfurt critical theory; temporality and philosophy of history; transdisciplinarity; abstraction; aesthetics, art theory and cultural theory - in particular, the conceptual basis of global comparativism and the ontology of contemporary art, and philosophical aspects of psychoanalysis. Recent publications include Anywhere or not at all: the Philosophy of Contemporary Art (Verso, 2013), Spheres of Action: Art and Politics (MIT Press, 2013), and The State of Things (Office for Contemporary Art Norway, 2012)

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