Footprint Forum: Feeding Cities - A Sustainable Future
Friday 10 October, 3:00 PM 2014 to 6:00 PM 2014
, London, , EC2V 7HH (View Map)

The environmental, social and economic sustainability of how we feed populations is rapidly changing. Nowhere is this more evident than in the urban environment. The ever more enlightened corporation is aware of its impact and the need for system-level redesign, innovation and imagination.

Footprint Forum sets out to encourage fresh thinking by exploring the changing supply chain; the complex models that ensure food security (or not), the convoluted supply chains, the means by which commodities and food reach us, the environment of consumption and method of disposal.

This unique Forum will see open-platform, cross-industry dialogue. The objective is to generate greater collaboration between the food, finance, logistics and infrastructure industries to explore risk, innovation, disruption, investment, the scaling of existing associations and understanding of economic payback.

The Guildhall
, London, , EC2V 7HH (View Map)
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