Meet the Tech City Event Startups
Tuesday 20 May, 6:00 PM 2014 to 9:30 PM 2014
2nd Floor, Epworth House, London, Gt Lon, EC1Y 1AA (View Map)

Tech City event startups are coming together to showcase the best of the events tech to make your events more interactive and engaging to your audiences. As the event industry is becoming more competitive, how can you attract more attendees and create better experiences for all event stakeholders - your events team, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors?


A Demo Night to help you learn about the coolest event technologies born in the heart of London. Come and meet some of the most disruptive young companies and network with other London event professionals.



6:00 - Networking and drinks

7:00 - Events tech Demo Night and Q&A with 4 top startups

8:00 - 30 seconds pitching opportunity for all attendees

8:15 - Networking and food, Tech City style (beer, wine and pizza)!


Past events



Demo presentations by is to give all event organisers in the world an easy and affordable tool to actively engage their audience and help them get the most out of their event. 

Perlimpinpin Designers combine technologies arising from the video game universe, the industry, and the spectacle, in order to create interactive installations. We combine sounds, images, lights, electronic sensors, and robotics. 

Catch Talk TV is an exciting new way for professionals to easily discover and watch business videos related to their profession, featuring industry thought leaders, speaking at the world's best conferences. 


Pickevent helps organisers sell more tickets, increase attendance and gather more attendees’ data by providing high-tech networking and promotional tools connecting attendees, organisers, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. 


London Event Professional Network connects all sort of professionals in the Events Industry: event planners, speakers, suppliers, bloggers, venues, event agencies, freelancers, etc.

This network brings together local, national and international events industry professionals to discuss, connect and collaborate on projects for fun, profit and the benefit of the community.

If you are looking for someone to partner with for an idea or project that you are working on, or you want to promote your skills and experience to someone who has already got something going, London Event Professionals Network is the place to connect and grow.


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I'm a Co-Founder & CEO working at Pickevent
I'm a Co-founder working at Perlimpinpin Designers
I'm a Distribution and Marketing working at
I'm a Conference Producer working at IBSA - International Business Structuring in the Digital Economy Conference
I'm a Founder working at Catch Talk Tv
The Bakery
2nd Floor, Epworth House, London, Gt Lon, EC1Y 1AA (View Map)
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3 months ago

Jose Bort

We received some good news from who will bring Google Glass so you can exclusively try them at this London tech event

3 months ago

Jose Bort

I'm so excited about tomorrow, feel free to share other technologies you may use or have heard of them, for instance, look these guys

3 months ago

Henry Embleton

Hi Guys, I am looking forward to meeting you all tonight

3 months ago

Svetlana Margetová

This event looks great :)

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